Use the boxes on the left to write your choices.
Then click on the answer button to see if your answers are correct.

1. Is it cold outside?
2. Could you give me my coat please?
3. Where is the drugstore?
4. Do you have something else?
5. Would you mind waiting?
6. What do you call this?
7. Could you speak more slowly?
8. Are you thirsty?
9. Are you hungry?
10. Are you angry?
a. It's on the second street on your left.
b. Yes, I am sorry.
c. No, I just had a glass of water.
d. Of course, just a minute.
e. No, take your time.
f. Yes, it's minus twenty.
h. I don't know! I've never seen it!
g. Yes, what do you want?
i. Yes, I would like a hot dog please.
j. No, I am sad.